Wildlife Rescue

Wildlife rescue in Warnbro

Under Dr Bruce Moore’s direction, our veterinarians work hard to facilitate wildlife rescue in Warnbro and Rockingham. We have the necessary equipment and facilities to reacclimatise them to life in the wild. All animals are welcome – from birds and reptiles to iguanas and raccoons, our staff cares for each animal in order to get them back
 where they belong.

Sometimes it’s not easy to tell when a wild animal needs help. If an animal is acting strange or seems to be hurt, give us a call. The staff at Warnbro Veterinary Hospital are trained to recognise the signs that an animal is injured, and provide treatment.

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Signs of Injury

Injured animals should receive professional care as soon as possible. If wild animals exhibit any of these signs, they could need your help:
• Bleeding
• Shivering
• Missing feathers
• Broken limbs

Can I care for the 
animal myself?

Caring for an animal yourself is usually a bad idea. Inexperienced individuals often end up accidentally doing more harm than good to the animal. Most wild animals require special care, treatment, and housing when injured. It is critical that they receive proper care from a trained professional. It some cases, it
is illegal to rescue wild animals without
a licence. Offenders can face fines
and jail time.

Safe transport

If you observe signs of injury, it is important to safely capture and transport the animal for treatment. Make sure to limit the amount of human contact. Put the animal in a small box or container for transport and don't give the injured animal food or water.

Dog and cat with stethoscope
Rehabilitating animals can be a long process. It may be weeks or months before they are well enough for release. It all depends on their age, the species, and nature of their injuries.
If you want more information on what to do when you find an injured animal, call Warnbro Veterinary Hospital at 08 9593 1797. Our facility is open seven days a week and offers free wildlife rescue in Warnbro.

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